Lola Rossi is a french portrait, edito and fine art photographer among other things. She is also a director, is based in Germany & France but travels frequently. Lola is also a trainer in digital retouching and photography.

She did a four years curriculum at ArtFX, the first visual effects school in Europe and completed her studies with a graduation film : IN:SIGHT.

Lola’s  – photographs contrast bold colors and sharp lines with soft-focused details, as well as glowing highlights with intense shadows. We see stories about the fight of growing up, about big dreams, futuristic visions and the ever-disenchanting reality. – Lomography

Lola explores different themes with a cinematographic approach and mixed references from the 80’s, the femmes fatales, the anticipation movies and the fantasies of both men and women in our society. – Curated By Girls


  • [SOON] Exhibition at 19:28 (Berlin)

  • Exhibition at Secret Art Engender (Berlin)

  • Exhibition at the Ballery – « The Woman in Me » (Berlin)

  • Winner of the Rookies 2017 « Runner Up »

  • Exhibition at the Grand Dejeuner by Curated by Girls (Berlin)

  • Exhibition at Mysterium (Marseille)

  • Exhibition at Cercle OPAC (Bruxelles)

  • IN:SIGHT was selected at the Festival du Merveilleux et de L’imaginaire (Paris)

  • Retransmission won the Cinemator Festival (France)

  • IN:SIGHT was selected at The International Motion Festival (Cyprus)

  • IN:SIGHT was selected at Dublin Sci Fi Film Festival (Dublin)