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Lola Rossi (born in 1995) is a multimedia artist. Her work is situated at the intersection of cognitive sciences and image mediums – films, installations, immersive experiences. Her current projects focus on generating altered states of consciousness induced by digital arts. Lola creates bridges between experimental avant-garde films called « trance films » and our contemporary digital culture, with a strong interest in techno-shamanism and niches of cyberspace.

Her work has been supported by several organizations such as UNESCO Creative Cities, the Enghien-Les-Bains Art Center, The Ballery, SoHo House, and Braga Media Arts. Lola regularly teaches AI and film theory in art and design schools.

In 2021, she directed a short film produced in virtual production, Kintsug/i, exploring the continuity of movement in cinematic space-time as a labyrinthine initiatory rite. The film is one of the first experimental short films exclusively shot in XR.

In 2023, her installation Cyborg Rituals created for the UNESCO City To City program in collaboration with Kris Hastings, will be presented at Bains Numériques 2024. In this immersive installation, the two artists seek to invoke a higher entity by performing a ritual ceremony generated by Artificial Intelligence. Currently, Lola is working in Paris and Berlin.