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member of studio hans lucas.
member of curated by girls.
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Lola Rossi (b. 1995) is a media artist. Her main field of study is the fragmentation of our identities at the digital age. Her current projects are focused on the creation of induced trance-state through generative art and dream induction. She holds a master degree in digital cinema school ARTFX.

Lola creates bridges in between so-called “trance” avant-garde experimental films and our contemporary digital culture, with a strong interest in technoshamanism and cyberspace counter-cultures.

Her work has been supported by multiple organizations such as UNESCO creative cities, Enghien-Les-Bains Art center, The Ballery, SoHo House, Braga Media Arts. She engaged with activists collectives such as Curated By Girls and Art Bei Ton. Rossi is also teaching cinema theory and photography in post-graduate schools. She is currently working in Berlin and Paris.